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As stated in the Malaysian Income Tax (Deduction From Remuneration)(Amendment)(No 2) Rules 2014, employers are required to include employee’s personal tax relief claims into the monthly payroll computation.

The cost of compliance to the aforesaid requirement will be high, without a suitable system to automate flow of the TP1 and TP3 submissions into the payroll computation.

MyTaxReliefz is designed for employers to provide a simple, easy, cost effective and secure, mobile software for employees to submit the TP1 & TP3 personal tax relief claims. From the RenEco system portal, employers can retrieve their employees’ tax relief claims for processing in the monthly payroll’s tax deduction.

Employers may register for the MyTaxReliefz software system at MyTaxReliefz Company Registration Page.

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Product Overview

flexHR’s scope of human capital management functionalities ranges from the common core of employee, payroll, leave, attendance, benefits together with its web-based self-service desktop & mobile device modules, right through to the strategic and analytics steeped modules. Its a comprehensive people management system made up of 38 plus modules.


Human Capital Business Analytics

flexHR excels as a people management system distinctly steeped in human capital strategic and analytics capabilities. Its innovative ‘info-graphical lenzes’ delivers insightful human capital business analytics. The ‘lenzes’ are designed for easy to ‘pick and tweak’ use, that empowers senior & C-level executives to shape the ‘info-scape’ for  ‘deep dive’ analytic insights.

Strategic Human Capital

Complementing the human capital business analytics empowerments of flexHR, is its strategic performance management engine. Clear alignment between organisational & people goals at all levels of the organization, are effectively enabled. Management executives are equipped to drive and improve people performance through balanced scorecard’s KPI and competencies measures, and is extensible beyond the four pillars of the balanced scorecard. The performance scorecard outcome integrates into succession plans, career plans, training needs analysis, training management, recruitment management and employee relations.